The Cats Meow $4

Dark Chocolate espresso cupcake with Carolina Cream frosting. Topped with a chocolate covered espresso bean.

The Heebie-Jeebie $4

Dark chocolate espresso cupcake with chocolate Kahlua and Carolina Cream frosting. Topped with a chocolate covered espresso bean.

The Cats Pajamas $4

Vodka infused white cupcake with Vodka frosting. Topped with lime. Everything Naughty and nice.

The Carolina Commie $4

Vodka infused white cupcake with supreme white Russian frosting (Vodka, Kahlua and Carolina Cream). The superior cupcake of choice.

The Hottsie Tottsie $4

Cinnamon Fire Whisky cupcake with Kickback Cove Fire Moonshine Frosting. Topped with a cinnamon candy.

The Bunny $4

Carrot Cake Topped with Key West Spice Rum Cream Cheese frosting. Walnut and carrot garnish.

The Brown Plaid $4

Whisky cuGin and Lemon cake with a Crème De Violette Frosting, topped with a whisky soaked cherry.

Aviation $4

Gin and Lemon cake with a Creme De Violette Frosting, topped with a whisky soaked cherry.

The Applesauce $4

This Apple pie ala-mode style cupcake is made with apple pie moonshine from kick back cove. 


Most of our cakes can be made gluten free. Anything with a polka dot wrapper is gluten free!


Flapper Girl Fudge small $8 Medium $12 large $20

This decadent chocolate fudge is made with Carolina Cream, Kahlua and a little Vodka for good measure. An undeniably attractive choice

Jail Break Fudge 

A luxurious White chocolate Peppermint Vodka fudge is sure to set you free. 

Knee-Duster Butterscotch whisky fudge

Sure to make you kick up that skirt! This butterscotch fudge as a whisky kick!


Jive Whisky Cookies $2

Red Bordner Whisky chocolate Chip cookies 

Boozy Doozy $6

Decadent Carolina Cream frosting Sandwiched between two of our signature Whisky chocolate chip cookies. 


An alcohol free version of the Boozy Doozy, this creation consists of rich and creamy buttercream frosting sandwiched between two pint sized chocolate chip cookies. Perfect for the Wet Blanket of your group

Dead Soldier Beer Bread $4 

We drained an entire bottle of beer into this amazing bread. Made with local or seasonal beer, this hardy delight is sure to please even the keenest of Beer connoisseur

Bootleg Banana Bread $4

Sure to make you go bananas, this rich bread is made with Old Money Whisky from Six and Twenty

Cast a Kitten Cannoli $4

Carolina Cream filled cannoli's dipped in mini chocolate chips are sure to make you have a fit

About Us

South Carolina at its BEST

We spend a lot of time researching and testing different distilleries so we can bring you the best of what South Carolina has to offer!

Variety for any occasion

Bootleg has so much to offer! From cupckaes, to Boozie Doozies, we have you covered. 

But let's be real, you haven't read this far to hear about alcohol  free cupcakes....

Small Business Pride

More than Whisky goes into our Brown Sugar cupcakes! This is a labor of love and our passion to give you the best will show. 

Let's make every night a reason to celebrate!